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Wedding Flowers- The Ultimate decoration by Shipra Kaul

Different kinds of flowers symbolize many different emotions. Love and passion are symbolized buy red roses yet the poppies are worn to deaths commemorating of soldiers. In burials, lilies are used for symbolizing resurrection after one’s death. Innocence is represented by daisies.

In Rome, herbs and flowers were used to adorn the veils of the brides. Greek weddings used ivies as a way to show eternal love yet the orange blossoms were used in Saracens as wedding flowers. The ambiences of the wedding are enhanced by wedding flowers and they are also used to convey the ceremony’s emotions.

There are types of flowers which are used for weddings as these include orchids, lilies, roses and many more.
• Lilies they include lily Zephyr, Calla, Rubrium day lily and lilies of the valley
• Roses these include carndia, Sonia, sterling silver, Kennedy Jacqueline, jacaranda, Delores, lady Diana, bridal pink etc.
• Orchards they include spray orchids, cymbidium, Japhet, catlaya and phalenopsis.

There are however many other flowers which are used like asters, amaryllis, daises, gardenia, violets, not forget me, iris, anemones, lilac and chrysanthemums.

When making arrangements for your wedding, one should consider different things such as the shape and color of your wedding flowers, floral arrangements, the type of flower or material you want, the florist and your budget.

The very important thing which you need to consider from this list above is the budget. You have to make a serious budget before purchasing your wedding decorations. This will allow you to choose the kind of decorations which you want and which will suit your personality. We don’t want a situation where by you buy flower which you don’t want just because your money is not enough. Choosing an experienced florist is the best person who you can select to assist you to buy your decorations.

May 8, 2009
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Article by Shipra Kaul
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