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Using Aspects of Silk Flower Design To Create The Perfect Floral Arrangement

Silk flower design is the art of using silk flowers to create pleasing and balanced floral arrangements for the enjoyment of people. This page will show you how to use the aspects of floral design to create for yourself perfect floral arrangements that will please you and your friends.

Color is without doubt the most important aspect when it comes to arranging silk flowers. Color is what pleases or displeases the eye. Your choice of color, and its different blends and shades, will impact the beauty of flower arrangements strongly. Choosing too many silk flowers with colors that don├»¿½t flow naturally will represent shouting and disorder in your arrangement.

Balance involves using equal amounts of color in your flower arrangements. No matter how many varieties of color your flower bouquet will have, balance will have to be there to represent stability in your arrangement. Balance also involves choosing flowers of different sizes that nonetheless equal out when seen together; or simply picking flowers of the same size to create consistency.

Accent has to do with having a particular emphasis in your design. Is there a particular flower or color that you want to be given a central figure? Is there a particular area in your floral arrangement that you want people to notice? You will need to consider accent especially when designing a large floral arrangement. What color, flower, or pattern do you want to stand out?

Form deals with the structural quality of the individual silk plants and flowers, and also with the structural quality of the whole arrangement. Many of today├»¿½s silk plants and flowers are made with high quality materials and colored with excellent paints. Choosing plants and flowers of high quality will enhance the form of your overall floral arrangement. After you place a few plants and flowers together, stand back and look at it? Are you pleased with it?

While these four aspects of flower design and floral arrangement are only a scratch on the surface of the entire art, they give you some direction with how to go about arranging flowers to please yourself and your friends. We house a very huge variety of silk flowers which could definitely enhance your home or office.

November 13, 2009
By Robin Storms
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Classic Wedding Photography

To get classic wedding pictures, one should get the best wedding photographer they can afford. In wedding photography one can choose to have traditional pictures taken or have their photos taken in a reportage style. Another person may opt to mix the two styles. What matters is that the quality of the pictures. If the person resides in Toronto, they can choose to have a Toronto wedding. Once a person selects the venue, the next big decision concerns the wedding photography. To get great pictures of the memorable day, it is advisable to shop around for the best Toronto photographer. This is done by getting a phone book and comparing prices of the different photographers who deal with wedding photography. Some may be cheap while others will charge exorbitant prices for their wedding photography. The best choice would be to settle for one whose prices are affordable.

Another factor to consider in the wedding photography is the length of time it will take to get the pictures developed or printed. The wedding photographer should give one a date when they should expect their photos. Just like Toronto weddings, a good wedding photographer will impart lasting impressions on anyone who looks at the pictures. This will help one know how a particular studio handles its wedding photography. Talking to the photographer also helps someone to know the language used in photography circles. It is also helpful since one can ask as many questions as possible about wedding photography.

Friends and relatives can also advise on the best wedding photography options. They can recommend photographers who take good wedding pictures. They also give advice on the various wedding poses and prepare one for what to expect on the wedding day from the wedding photography. Wedding photography is an art that requires skill and experience. It would be advisable to get a Toronto photographer who has worked for at least two years, as they know how to capture certain moments to get classic wedding photographs. They can also advise on the best poses one can use and make use of the lighting when doing the wedding photography.

Reading the wedding photography contract before signing is important. One gets to know if all costs are inclusive or if there are going to be additional costs. Contracts spell out what the photographer will do for specified amounts of money. Selecting a studio to handle wedding photography is not easy. The process should be started early enough because a wedding day is one of those days when memorable moments are made. Wedding photos should capture those joyous moments.

Wedding photography might be expensive but when one considers the story the pictures will tell, they will choose the best wedding photographer who will bring the best out of that important day. It is an investment of the future and one should not forget a picture is worth a thousand words. Choosing the best studio for the wedding photography will ensure than the couple does not regret when looking at the wedding photos later.

October 29, 2009
By Rafi Ghanim Michael
Rafi Ghanim Michael is owner and writer of videobabylon. Currently, he is writing on Wedding Photography Toronto and Wedding Photography.

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Wedding Caterer Can Make Your Wedding Party a Perfect and Memorable

Wedding means that you are a lucky one and have found your perfect woman with whom you can spend your rest of life and now you are ready to celebrate. Everyone wants to make their wedding party memorable and perfect. Therefore it is very good idea of selecting a theme for your wedding. These days Asian theme wedding are very popular among the couples. Asian themed wedding are symbol of love, good fortune and double happiness. By arranging for Asian wedding favor you can find love and fortune everywhere. It is the best way to say thank you to your guests who have joined you in your big day.

There are many more things such as venue, wedding dress, florist, wedding ring, invitation card, guest list and food which you must consider when you are planning for your wedding party. Always make sure that all these things should be perfect if you do not want any thing to go wrong in your party. But the most important thing of your wedding parties planning is the food which you will serve to your guests. Always remember that if the taste of your food is not good then your guests will not enjoy the food.

If you do not want this thing to happen then you must hire a professional wedding caterer who offers a best catering service in your town. There are many wedding caterers who will guarantee of giving the best service but before selecting anyone of the company you must consider few things.

1. Before selecting the company you must make sure that the company has a good reputation in the market and is in business from many years. Always remember that the company you select should have the staffs who are well qualified and have the good past record.

2. Another thing which you must consider is the quality of food. Make sure that the dishes which you are serving to your guests should be fresh and of best quality. Find out that the ingredients they use in the food are fresh or not. Make sure that the food they prepare should be in neat and clean environment. If you are planning for wedding cake and deserts after dinner then it is good to ask your wedding cuisine caterer that whether they prepare the deserts by their own or take help from some another company. You can discuss your food options with your caterer this will help your guests to enjoy the food.

3. Before selecting any company you can discuss with your close friends, family or your wedding planner. Wedding planner can give you the best options because they have the experience of arranging wedding parties.

4. The last but not the least is your budget. But this depends on the quality of service and food also. If the quality of food is good and their catering service is best then you will never mind to cross your budget but if their service is not good and the charges are also high then it is worthless.

You can also find best wedding caterers in your town by surfing the internet. There are many sites which help you in finding the best wedding caterers and can make your wedding party a perfect and memorable for everyone.

October 16, 2009
By Harry is one of the leading traditional Indian Food in the UK which provides quality catering services for all occasions like wedding, formal and informal parties, events and others. Its highly authentic Indian food reputation and popularity makes it a number one choice in entire UK and abroad.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Fun Photo Booth for Your Wedding Reception or Party

Can you imagine getting a disc with candid and fun pictures of the guests at your wedding reception taken in a photo booth? More and more people are choosing a fun photo booth to make their weddings, parties and events memorable

People love to have their picture taken in a photo booth.

A fun photo booth is always the hit at any party. Guests love to see how many they can fit into a picture, or make funny faces. Kids will line up again and again to have their pictures taken.

A fun photo booth is a great way to remember your guests.

Most photo booth rental companies will compile a complete album either on a disc or online. This way you can have a permanent collection of the guests that celebrated with you. Remember though, this feature is available only with a digital photo booth.

A photo booth doesn't take up much space.

Your reception space may be a bit limited. You may not have a lot of space to spare. Not to worry, today's fun photo booths have a small, compact footprint. Also they can be moved if it appears the original spot is too intrusive, or that the lines of anticipating subjects are snaking into the dance floor.

A fun photo booth is a great way to give your guests a unique keepsake, and memories of your event. In addition, you will have a complete record of your guests, and cherish seeing their smiles for years to come.

Find out more about renting or buying a photo booth for an event or to start a rewarding full or part time business.

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September 22, 2009
By John Phillips
John Phillips is a writer, musician, and electronics tech.

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Wedding Catering and Wedding Cakes

We all know that the business of catering can be a fantastic and a business of profit if some basics are followed properly. Also it is widely accepted fact that event catering is more profitable for the people, who are in the business of catering. There is another type of catering service available, which is known as the mobile catering. Now, among all types of event catering and party catering, the wedding catering is best in all respect. So in this article we will discuss a little about the 'wedding catering'.

While you are in the duty of catering for any wedding event, you should remember that wedding is an event, which is full of emotions and entertainment. Now, you can add the flavors of more joy and entertainment on the event with the foods of great quality and nice food serving skills. The wedding catering is not very much different if compared to some other catering events. But the difference can be seen in the menu of dishes.

The main aim of maximum of the wedding catering to serve the foods that is delicious to some extent and must satisfy the hunger of the guests. For an example in a 'business meeting', the primary aim is a good chat about a particular business fact. A good dinner can follow the business chat. But in wedding, the wedding cake, menu and good quality foods are very much important. Sometimes a wedding party may be based on some particular theme. In that case, the menu should follow the 'theme wedding party'. For an example, if any wedding party is based on some theme related to Rome or Italy, you have to go for the Italian menu in the dinner of that particular wedding party. But only the theme-based menu is not good enough for a theme based wedding party. You should remember that probably some of the guests are not comfortable with the food of that particular theme. So you have to organize the foods of some other variation like Thai foods or Indian foods or the Chinese foods. Moreover, you should remember that might be there are some people present in the particular wedding party, who are restricted to have some special diet. So that you must organize some special diet too, which each and every one can eat. You should consider the religious preferences about the food the guests of a particular wedding party too. Selection of drinks is also as important as to select the menu of foods. Don't forget to add the mineral water to the list of the drinks ever.

Secondly, you should appoint some catering guides while the 'food serving' is going on. The appointed 'food servers' should act modest with the guests of the party. The 'catering guides' will instruct the 'food servers' about the ways of food serving. The food counters should be created in multiple places in the party hall instead of a single place. So you can understand that a 'wedding catering event' can achieve some great success if it is done with some proper planning.

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September 15, 2009
By George Walker
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A Guide To Professional Styles And Techniques In Wedding Photography

Remember the old saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words? For the reason, almost people decide to hire professional photographers for the important moments of their lives. Wedding time is one of the important moments and memorable events of your life. Brides and grooms alike are now enlisting the professional photographers to get the best wedding photography for the special time. Because of they would surely want to get the best photo taken so that the best memories will be preserved as long as they live.

Professional photographers should be able to produce wedding photography that will express the special moment such as joy, love and intimacy between a couples. But it doesn't come easy.

Wedding photography is not limited to only portrait style, or only indoor style in the church, it also includes formal photography in the studio, outdoor, posed and candid shots of the wedding couple and their guests at the ceremony.

Below are a few basic techniques to get the best wedding photography.

1. Choose the right background

For taking a picture of a couple or any intended target. You can use the decorations in the church or in the reception areas as a background for your photos. Make sure the environment is not so crowded, if it is hard to focus on the couple, you may shoot them from shoulder up.

2. Avoid the glaring effect

Looking for any kinds of glass, may it be jewelry or wine glasses. They will cause a reflection or brightness include in the picture.

3. Taking candid shot

Because of candid shots are very dramatic. These candid is a powerful photography. In fact, many professionals do this to capture intimate and memorable moments.

4. Maximize the memory

Should be equipped with maximum memory card for ensure that no great moment is missed. Other advantage of maximize the memory card it is best to review every shot taken.

You can plan to preserve your memory card by using the data below.

- For 3 mega pixels – use minimum 1 GB memory card
- For 4 mega pixels – use minimum 2 GB memory card
- For 6 mega pixels – use minimum 4 GB memory card
- For 8 mega pixels – use minimum 4 GB memory card
- For 10 mega pixels – use minimum 6 GB memory card
- For 12 mega pixels – use minimum 6 GB memory card

5. Keep the best shot for digital wedding photography practice

You can apply the best shot with special techniques by digital photography software to make your creation more.

For digital wedding photography practice, the list below is the simple effect to make your creation.

- Black and white effects.
- Vignettes effect.
- Soft focus effect.
- Multiple exposure effects.

That is not a secret for the best way to learn any type of wedding photography. In additional you should learn more about:

- Traditions even (The wedding cake, Confetti, etc.)
- Who pays for what? (The groom's family, The bride's family, etc.)
- Duties of the main players (Duties of the Bride, Duties of the Groom, etc.)

August 26, 2009
By Jackie Vallieres
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The Beauty of a Butterfly Wedding

One of the most beautiful wedding themes you can use is the butterfly wedding. Even more impressive is the wedding where there's a butterfly release.

A Butterfly Wedding Theme

The first consideration when you are thinking about having a butterfly wedding where you will be releasing hundreds or thousands of butterflies is to do a complete butterfly theme for the wedding. This is where people get into trouble. Overdoing the theme where everything is "butterfly" oriented becomes tacky very quickly. This is why, even though a butterfly theme can form the foundation of a truly wonderful wedding, it's very important to keep the theme very low key.

When you are planning to release butterflies, that is often enough so that butterfly images aren't really needed on things like napkins of table cloth. By simply complimenting the "thought" of butterflies with things like wedding colors that compliment the species of butterflies that you purchased, or flowers throughout, guests will quickly recognize the theme and will appreciate the taste and style with which it was accomplished.

Always pick your flower arrangements to compliment the colors of the butterflies you've selected. It is easy to obtain pictures of the butterflies online, even from the breeder where you order the butterflies for release. Make sure the bridesmaid's dresses are complimentary. The groom and groomsmen will almost always be complimentary, because most butterfly wings have black in them.

Also, have your wedding in a location that makes sense to release butterflies. Either a butterfly garden, or any outdoor wedding would make a beautiful ceremony that is centered upon the beautiful transformation and release to the freedom and independence represented by the butterfly. Also make sure that the photographers for your wedding are aware that you're going to be doing a butterfly release. They will surely want to prepare their cameras for the unique photo opportunities such an event provides.

Releasing Butterflies at a Wedding

Releasing butterflies at a wedding is becoming an increasingly popular way to create a unique and memorable ceremony. It is extremely easy to purchase a variety of species of butterfly online, simply conduct a web search for "butterfly release."

The butterflies require very little to stay alive, so they are shipped to you in special "cooler" boxes, which they can be released from directly, or transferred to a larger "release basket" where they can be released. Instead of the traditional rice or birdseed, releasing a large group of butterflies at once creates a beautiful scene that both adults and children will love.

When the butterflies arrive, they've been cooled so that they enter a partial hibernation mode, where they get sluggish. They should be kept in these coolers until the ceremony. About 90 minutes before they are going to be released, you should transfer them to a warmer location so that they can perk up and become more active, otherwise many of them may not immediately launch into flight.

Calculating Butterflies to Buy

If you have never purchased live creatures before, it can feel a little strange. However, it is very common. People around the world release live butterflies into the wild for a variety of reasons. The butterflies are not hurt when they are shipped, in particular because they are placed in a cooler container that reduces their energy levels. It is a perfectly safe transition from where they are breeded to where you will be releasing them.

Most experts suggest having one butterfly for every two guests for good effect. In other words if you have 200 guests at your wedding, it's a good idea to purchase 100 butterflies. You can either have guests release the butterflies, or release them all at once from a basket. Make sure to indicate your intentions when you order the butterflies from the breeder, because the breeder may have their own advice about what works best.

Is it Too Expensive?

Compared to other wedding costs, purchasing live butterflies is very inexpensive. One dozen butterflies is typically $90. The typical butterfly is either Monarch or the Painted Lady. Releasing these butterflies is considered perfectly normal for the butterflies and for the environment, and it will create one of the most memorable wedding ceremonies your guests will ever attend.

Learn everything you could possibly want to know about butterflies at

August 25, 2009
By Ryan Dube
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