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Ideas For Wedding Flower Arrangements

Flowers are universally loved by everyone. Is there anyone who doesn't like flowers? Men woo their women with a bouquet of lovely flowers and it is indeed a quintessential element of a romantic atmosphere. Flowers have an uncanny knack of transmuting their fragrance to their surroundings and cheering up the entire ambiance. Different colors of flowers signify different emotions and meanings.

Traditionally, white flowers have been the preferred choice for wedding floral arrangements as they match with the bridal ensemble in most weddings and they contain all the colors of the spectrum. Hence, white is said to have all the qualities of all the colors combined. In recent times, however, people have been getting more adventurous and willing to experiment with other colors.

To give you an idea of the color connotations, red flowers symbolize family ties; blue symbolizes serenity and calm, while orange is the color of lust! The color green serves as a balancing color for a floral arrangement, as it is in the center of the gamut of colorful flowers. Your wedding day is one of the most romantic days of your life and beautiful floral arrangements will illuminate and complement the occasion. Flowers are known to symbolize life, growth, and rebirth exemplified by the lifecycle of the flower itself.

Ikebana - The Art of Flower Arrangements

The Japanese consider flower arrangements as an art - 'Ikebana'. Indeed, floral arrangement requires a keen sense of aesthetics, color co-ordination, and good planning. Depending on the style of your wedding as well as the budget for your wedding, you could employ a professional floral designer. These professionals add character to the flowers and create a brilliant masterpiece by combining flowers of different shapes, sizes, and fragrances to add a touch of class and elegance.

If you prefer a hands-on, cost-effective approach and would like to have a personal touch to your wedding, following are few tips to guide you through the process - with panache, style, and elegance.

List and Finalize Your Floral Requirements for the Wedding

The first detail to be confirmed is the selection of flowers that you will need. To have a list ready can help you focus your discussions and stick to your budget. At this point, keep in mind that you will probably require a different set of flowers for each occasion such as the wedding ceremony or the wedding reception.

Floral Bouquet Ideas

We are sure you would love to celebrate your wedding in your own distinctive style. To begin with, start inquiring in and around your locality for good creative florists. Search for information on the Internet and start collecting different ideas and themes for the wedding.

Speak to your local florist as he or she can have good ideas to offer, considering his or her experience and expertise with previous weddings. Give ample time for the florist to plan for your wedding in advance, as the flowers could be seasonal. If that is the case, he or she would require some time to arrange for the particular variety of flowers you require for the wedding. Ideally, initiate discussions with your florist few months in advance. Your florist can offer suggestions, alternatives, and provide you with examples of his or her previous work.

Ask questions. It is your wedding and to make it perfect, you have to share ideas and research before you clinch the deal with the florist. Make it a point to look at the florist's work samples and how he or she has worked on other weddings. This could also help you gauge how receptive and flexible the florist is to your suggestions and ideas.

Get Inspired!

You can draw inspiration from your surroundings such as other weddings you have attended, magazines, floral shops, and high-end luxury hotels with elaborate floral decorations, amongst others. Always keep an eye out for well-coordinated d├ęcors and good color combinations so that you can incorporate some of those ideas to your wedding.

Pay Attention to Details

Floral arrangements require considerable time and effort. Being organized is the key.

• Collate all your floral ideas such as photos and illustrations and ensure they are accessible when the need arises.

• Flowers are perishable and need to be preserved in water and a cool environment so that they do not wither before or during the wedding.

• Dedicate a work area for the wedding flowers. You will require a deep sink to soak the flowers, several large tables, trash bags to dispose of the waste, a large garbage can, and a clean space nearby to set the finished bouquets and arrangements.

• Provide ample time for the 'floral' activity. Do not hurry up at the last minute. Instead, plan ahead so that you are happy with the end result. Do not try to do everything by yourself and get hassled. Ask your family or close friends to help, and share your ideas with them. This will accelerate the process.

We wish you a very happy married life that blooms with happiness!

July 22, 2009
By John Stronack
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