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Choosing Wedding Accessories

Choosing Wedding Accessories

When you are planning your wedding, you will most likely be concerned with the bigger details of the ceremony and reception rather than the fine details, such as wedding accessories. This is fine for the beginning. But as you get deeper into the wedding planning process, you need to consider other aspects as far as necessities. After you have planned the venue, the flowers, the photographer and music, you need to also consider the following wedding accessories:

Gifts for attendants

It is traditional for the couple to give gifts for those who attended them during the wedding. Many couples are giving dinner gift certificates as well as spa nights for bridal attendants. These gifts are usually more well liked than engraved gifts of the past. Men often still will give a fountain pen to their best man as well as ushers. Do not forget the children in the wedding party such as the paiges and the flower girls. Gifts for them should be thoughtful and age appropriate.

Transportation for bridal party

If you are having a wedding in the country or far away from home, and the bridal party is staying at a nearby inn or hotel, you need to provide transportation for them to get from the wedding reception to the inn. You can hire a car that will pick them up and take them to their accommodations after the wedding. Speak to the vendor who is providing your wedding transportation about this as this may be included in the deal.

Thank you notes

Do not forget to write out thoughtful, thank you notes after the wedding. You can order your thank you notes at the same place that you order your wedding invitations. Some engravers or printers will include thank you notes as part of a package deal if you ask them. Many people address their thank you notes as they receive responses to make this chore easier.

Wedding cake

The wedding cake is often forgotten today as it has been reduced to a photo prop in some weddings and often cut before the guests have seen it. Still, you should make sure that you order the wedding cake as well as the topper for the cake in plenty of time for the wedding. Many wedding reception venues will provide a wedding cake if you ask. If not, you can contact bakeries for this special cake.

Party favors, guest book place cards

Do not forget that you will want to keep track of the guests who attended your wedding. Your wedding accessories should include place cards for guests, a guest book for guests to sign and party favors. Party favors, such as sugared almonds wrapped in tulle are traditional for a wedding.

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