Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Benefits of Using Digital Wedding Photography

Wedding photos are an important part of every ceremony and in the past many pictures failed to meet your expectations. Especially large group photos can be influenced by someone looking in the wrong direction or having their eyes closed. With digital wedding photography this can be a non-issue as pictures can be reviewed and any that do not make the pictorial grade can be deleted and taken again while the photographer is still at the wedding.

Another benefit to digital wedding photography is not having to wait until the film is developed before starting to think about which ones you want printed. Many times, your photographer can email you a copy of the pictures he took and you can select right on your computer. Additionally, enhancing photos in digital format is so much easier, and consequently cheaper, than in the darkroom.

Typically, prints should also be cheaper made from digital wedding photography than traditional photography as the developing step has been eliminated. It is also possible to have your pictures put on a disk for easier distribution to family and friends at a rate substantially lower than ordering extra copies.

Digital Images Often Brighter

Many times photo photography tends to be a little darker, especially when viewing the unaltered prints while digital wedding photography allows the photographer to lighten images as well as adjust colors to create a better photograph. Even if the wedding was held outdoors, the sky can be made to look clear and blue by using digital wedding photography and the right photo enhancing software.

While an experienced professional wedding photographer will almost guarantee your wedding album will be perfect, digital wedding photography opens the door to better quality photos from your won family members. Provided the correct pixel resolution is utilized, enlargement should look similar to professionally finished prints. A general rule of thumb is no picture considered as digital wedding photography should be taken with less than five mega pixel if you plan on making prints up to eight by ten inches. A minimum of six pixels should be used for larger copies.

With many systems you can print your own on your home computer and printer. You can also digitally transfer them to a printing service for better quality prints. If you do choose to use your own digital wedding photography instead of hiring a professional, obtaining reprints will be faster and easier.

June 1, 2009
By Susan Atkinson
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