Thursday, November 12, 2009

Using Aspects of Silk Flower Design To Create The Perfect Floral Arrangement

Silk flower design is the art of using silk flowers to create pleasing and balanced floral arrangements for the enjoyment of people. This page will show you how to use the aspects of floral design to create for yourself perfect floral arrangements that will please you and your friends.

Color is without doubt the most important aspect when it comes to arranging silk flowers. Color is what pleases or displeases the eye. Your choice of color, and its different blends and shades, will impact the beauty of flower arrangements strongly. Choosing too many silk flowers with colors that don├»¿½t flow naturally will represent shouting and disorder in your arrangement.

Balance involves using equal amounts of color in your flower arrangements. No matter how many varieties of color your flower bouquet will have, balance will have to be there to represent stability in your arrangement. Balance also involves choosing flowers of different sizes that nonetheless equal out when seen together; or simply picking flowers of the same size to create consistency.

Accent has to do with having a particular emphasis in your design. Is there a particular flower or color that you want to be given a central figure? Is there a particular area in your floral arrangement that you want people to notice? You will need to consider accent especially when designing a large floral arrangement. What color, flower, or pattern do you want to stand out?

Form deals with the structural quality of the individual silk plants and flowers, and also with the structural quality of the whole arrangement. Many of today├»¿½s silk plants and flowers are made with high quality materials and colored with excellent paints. Choosing plants and flowers of high quality will enhance the form of your overall floral arrangement. After you place a few plants and flowers together, stand back and look at it? Are you pleased with it?

While these four aspects of flower design and floral arrangement are only a scratch on the surface of the entire art, they give you some direction with how to go about arranging flowers to please yourself and your friends. We house a very huge variety of silk flowers which could definitely enhance your home or office.

November 13, 2009
By Robin Storms
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