Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Beauty of a Butterfly Wedding

One of the most beautiful wedding themes you can use is the butterfly wedding. Even more impressive is the wedding where there's a butterfly release.

A Butterfly Wedding Theme

The first consideration when you are thinking about having a butterfly wedding where you will be releasing hundreds or thousands of butterflies is to do a complete butterfly theme for the wedding. This is where people get into trouble. Overdoing the theme where everything is "butterfly" oriented becomes tacky very quickly. This is why, even though a butterfly theme can form the foundation of a truly wonderful wedding, it's very important to keep the theme very low key.

When you are planning to release butterflies, that is often enough so that butterfly images aren't really needed on things like napkins of table cloth. By simply complimenting the "thought" of butterflies with things like wedding colors that compliment the species of butterflies that you purchased, or flowers throughout, guests will quickly recognize the theme and will appreciate the taste and style with which it was accomplished.

Always pick your flower arrangements to compliment the colors of the butterflies you've selected. It is easy to obtain pictures of the butterflies online, even from the breeder where you order the butterflies for release. Make sure the bridesmaid's dresses are complimentary. The groom and groomsmen will almost always be complimentary, because most butterfly wings have black in them.

Also, have your wedding in a location that makes sense to release butterflies. Either a butterfly garden, or any outdoor wedding would make a beautiful ceremony that is centered upon the beautiful transformation and release to the freedom and independence represented by the butterfly. Also make sure that the photographers for your wedding are aware that you're going to be doing a butterfly release. They will surely want to prepare their cameras for the unique photo opportunities such an event provides.

Releasing Butterflies at a Wedding

Releasing butterflies at a wedding is becoming an increasingly popular way to create a unique and memorable ceremony. It is extremely easy to purchase a variety of species of butterfly online, simply conduct a web search for "butterfly release."

The butterflies require very little to stay alive, so they are shipped to you in special "cooler" boxes, which they can be released from directly, or transferred to a larger "release basket" where they can be released. Instead of the traditional rice or birdseed, releasing a large group of butterflies at once creates a beautiful scene that both adults and children will love.

When the butterflies arrive, they've been cooled so that they enter a partial hibernation mode, where they get sluggish. They should be kept in these coolers until the ceremony. About 90 minutes before they are going to be released, you should transfer them to a warmer location so that they can perk up and become more active, otherwise many of them may not immediately launch into flight.

Calculating Butterflies to Buy

If you have never purchased live creatures before, it can feel a little strange. However, it is very common. People around the world release live butterflies into the wild for a variety of reasons. The butterflies are not hurt when they are shipped, in particular because they are placed in a cooler container that reduces their energy levels. It is a perfectly safe transition from where they are breeded to where you will be releasing them.

Most experts suggest having one butterfly for every two guests for good effect. In other words if you have 200 guests at your wedding, it's a good idea to purchase 100 butterflies. You can either have guests release the butterflies, or release them all at once from a basket. Make sure to indicate your intentions when you order the butterflies from the breeder, because the breeder may have their own advice about what works best.

Is it Too Expensive?

Compared to other wedding costs, purchasing live butterflies is very inexpensive. One dozen butterflies is typically $90. The typical butterfly is either Monarch or the Painted Lady. Releasing these butterflies is considered perfectly normal for the butterflies and for the environment, and it will create one of the most memorable wedding ceremonies your guests will ever attend.

Learn everything you could possibly want to know about butterflies at TypesOfButterflies.net.

August 25, 2009
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